MEETING COEN. In-home lifestyle newborn family. Ottawa, Ontario.

“Ina!!!! My goodness girl! I knew the pictures would be amazing but they are beyond that! Incredible! Cried and said “oh my gosh” for every photo.” - Melissa 

Dana and Melissa’s family inspires me. On a daily basis.

I admire their honesty, kind souls and forever welcoming smiles. With the three little ones, I can only imagine how much strength they have within to parent, take care of all the other life responsibilities and find a few quiet moments to look after themselves.

So when they asked me to capture special moments with Coen still in mama’s belly (FYI: nobody knew whether is was a boy or a girl at the time), I said YES without a doubt.

We had everything planned: the day, time, location and even the dress for mama and her belly.

But I think you might already know what happened! 

The little man decided to show up early: the night before our session. I was so incredibly happy for them, but that also meant waiting another two weeks until I get to hang out with the most awesome family!

Honestly, I was counting days! 

Oh, but the wait was so worth it. Have a look yourself!


With love, 

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