How about that? A two day smash cake session!

It might not have lasted two days, but we had to meet twice to capture such an important milestone of this little man! The first time I met with the family, Kayllum wasn’t having the best day and all he wanted was his mama! The parents were so stressed we aren’t going to get any good images. I quickly calmed them down and invited them to meet at a different location the next day and try again. You see, initially, I brought my little portable studio to their home and I think Kayllum wasn’t interested at all, because it was his space and he wanted to do things that he usually does at home. And how right I was! The next day, when my lovely family arrived at my studio, we had little to no fussing at all ! Kayllum was truly excited about the cake smash and it didn’t take us long at all to capture so many fun moments of his cake smash!

I say it all the time: every child is so different and I am ready to adapt to every little soul!

I am so happy how these turned out! Enjoy!

Ina Souliscake smash