New year, new beginnings!

I’m breaking the trend and doing a little introduction today instead of Friday!

My name is Ina and I am a lifestyle photographer, specializing in families, the journey of motherhood, including pregnancy through baby’s first year and beyond. Also, I am a military spouse, mama to a beautiful baby girl Asta, hopeless romantic and a little bit of a goof 99% of the time.

I moved to Canada from Lithuania about 4 years ago to adventure alongside the love of my life! It’s been a rocky journey: trying to rediscover myself after so many changes, go through all the immigration paperwork, understand why were we the chosen ones to raise a heart warrior, and settle in at a new city every couple years.

Despite all of it, I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more fulfilled. And I’ve never been more sure of my WHY and what is my purpose.

Below are a few more fun facts I thought you’d find interesting and useful to know about me when deciding whether we’d be a good match to “work” together or not:

  • Nic and I - we met on Tinder! I guess swiping right was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Haha.

  • Asta was born at home surrounded by the most amazing midwives. Everything (from the first contraction until I had her on my chest lasted only 4 hours). This is a story I share often, because giving birth at home is not yet acceptable in certain countries, like Lithuania. Maybe it is, but quite a few of my friends/acquaintances shamed us for making this decision, before even educating themselves. Thus I want to encourage everyone to do a little research before giving your opinion about a topic that could be very sensitive to some.

  • So far, I’ve lived in 4 different countries: Lithuania, Germany, United Kingdom, and now Canada. I know this number will probably go up in a future.

  • Photography is something that I do for a living now, but it’s also my “tool” to keep depression away. I’m a very sensitive person. I am reminded about life and how fragile it is on a daily basis. I overthink and analyze situations to probably an unnecessary extent, thus having such a powerful hobby/career is something I will never give up on.

  • I really want to learn how to dance Latino dances with Nic! I really want to do so while we are still young and our bodies move the way they do. I sometimes see ourselves rocking every single dance floor together and making people’s jaws drop. Haha. Truth to be told, though, I want to do this because it makes me feel alive, sexy, adventurous and it’s a great alternative for a work out in a gym.

  • Also, my photography name doesn’t really stand for “IN A SOUL IS PHOTOGRAPHY.” It’s actually my first name + soon to be last name + word photography! I didn’t realize at the beginning that it also makes up a cool phrase that could be easily used alone as a name for photography business. How awesome is that ?!

That’s it for now!

I hope you know me a little bit more! If you think we have something in common - give me a shout! I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Plus, if you’re someone who’s interested in taking photos yourself - stick around and check out “THE MOTHERHOOD EXPERIENCE” page! I have some great things happening soon! I just need to recover after the New Year’s Eve party. :)

Love, Ina. 

P.S. And today I’m sharing my favourites from an engagement session I did in December for this fun and rad couple! I don’t do engagements often, but I think they were meant to find me and spark the interest within me to photograph more couples this year. How could I not???





email: photography@inasoulis.com

Ina Soulis